Real Estate Tailor-Made Services

Global success with skills rooted in the territory

Wherever your business takes you, put down your roots: Mindful Wealth’s founders have always had this principle in mind and our company keeps implementing it, as it represents a large part of our history. From New York to Miami, from London to Milan, from Dubai to Singapore; wherever our business leads us, we invest first alongside our clients.

Over the years, we have developed specific skills in buying real estate all over the world, as well as property management, brokerage, constructing new buildings and renovating existing ones. Mindful Wealth is keen on creating connections between the financial and real estate sectors. We have recently launched Brick1 Cell Panama, our first real estate fund that invests in the buoyant property market in Panama City.

The main objective of our real estate activities is investing in areas where you can buy prestigious properties at advantageous prices today, knowing that the value of these properties will increase exponentially in the next few years thanks to market trends. Markets that are definitely interesting for us in this moment are the historic centers of Panama and Cuba, the new neighborhoods of artistic interest in Miami and Mexico City and in general all the developing areas that represent an excellent solution for investors.

Real estate opportunities worldwide

Art Investment

Experts will help art investors to conserve, manage and increase the value of their investments.



The tailor-made investments of Mindful Wealth range from private equity and family office services to investments in real estate and art. Based on your needs and our team’s years of experience in the financial and consulting sector, we are able to assist and advise you for any specific request.


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