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Formula 1

Mindful Wealth's Office Opening and F1 Night Race

Company Event

Singapore hosts the only night race in the Formula 1 World Championship since 2008. Last year, the race coincided with the opening of Mindful Wealth’s new office in Mohammed Sultan.

Key employees from InMindful’s London Office and business partners from Panama flew down to Singapore to attend the inauguration of the new office as well as to attend the F1 night race.

Mindful Group is under the process of re-branding, with Mindful Wealth being the pioneer. The opening of the new office in Mohammed Sultan Road was an excellent way for the guests to experience the new office ambiance and to meet the Singapore staff. Mindful Wealth's office opening was able to set the tone for the rest of the group to subsequently embrace the new shared values and vision of the group.

A speech by the partners highlighted their vision behind the re-branding of the group, with the new name, logo and office. Mindful Wealth's office was designed to include a flexible social space where social and business interactions, sharing of knowledge, aims and even meals can be facilitated in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Following the event, the guests, along with the partners, attended the F1 weekend.

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