Mindful Smiles

Doing good while doing well is not only possible, it’s what we aim for

We strive to do our work well. When we work well, our clients profit and we profit. But we also strive to do good, by making a positive impact on the community.
The more we do well, the more we do good by making a positive impact.

Doing good while doing well is not only possible, it’s what we aim for.

It doesn’t matter what shoes you wear, what matters are the footprints you leave behind.

Years ago Mindful Wealth started supporting Future and Hope, a charity that supports underprivileged children around the world, striving to enhance and enrich their lives. With the aim increasing our support towards the “Future and Hope NGO”, we set up the Mindful Wealth Charity Model. To a certain extent, you can also look at it as an "investing with purpose" model.

Charity Model

The Mindful Wealth Charity Model consists of two sides: the 5% side, and the 100% side.

5% side

We donate 5% of all of Mindful Wealth’s profits (from Fund Management, Wealth Management, Tailor-made Services, etc.) to “Future and Hope NGO”.

100% side

Our business model allows clients to select a performance fee based model. Should they desire, 100% of the performance fees will be donated to charity.

Doing Well
Doing Good

  • Mindful Wealth Performance for Charity

Combine the

5% side

to the

100% side

and what remains is the Mindful Wealth Performance for Charity Model.

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