Mindful Smiles

Doing good while we work well is not only possible, it is our goal

We are committed to being the best. When we work well, our clients profit first, then we profit. Moreover, we also try to make a positive impact on the community. The better we work, the more good we do in generating a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

It does not matter what shoes you wear, what is important are the footprints you leave behind you.

Years ago, Mindful Wealth started supporting the Future and Hope NGO, a charity association that supports underprivileged children in Kenya, trying to enhance and enrich their lives. With the aim of increasing our support to the Future and Hope NGO, we set up the Mindful Wealth charity model.

Charity Model

The Mindful Wealth charity model consists of two parts: 5% and 100%

5% side

We donate 5% of all Mindful Wealth’s profits (fund management, wealth management, tailor-made services, etc.) to our Future and Hope NGO

100% side

Our business model allows clients to select a model based on performance fees. The peculiarity is that when Mindful Wealth receives the so-called management fees from its clients, 100% of the performance fees (in agreement with the client’s wishes) is immediately devolved to the Future and Hope NGO and other non-profit organizations.

Doing good
Doing it well

  • Performance of Mindful Wealth for Charity





and the total is the performance of Mindful Wealth’s charity model.

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