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Our Fund platform is the ideal hotel for setting up your fund.

We provide

Mindful Wealth is not a funds-supermarket, but a highly specialized boutique. We are based in one of the leading financial centres in the world, licensed by MAS.

We apply rigorous standards to our selection process, and we handpick only the most qualified managers with the best strategies: unique is the way to succeed.

With 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record in setting up funds in different jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Ireland, Malta, Bahamas and Cayman.

We work closely with the regulators in Singapore and we are pioneering the newly introduced corporate/fund structure, VCC – Variable Capital Company.

Resources wise, we are equipped with a vast network of third parties providers (custodians, auditors, administrators, etc.), and we are open to on-boarding the ones you prefer.

We are the ideal partner for both emerging and existing fund managers.

Distinct from the mass of service providers, we will be supporting you from the very beginning, providing our utmost advice and catering flexible pricing structure to your unique circumstances.

Having 10 years of professional presence in Singapore, we offer high-grade infrastructure for the daily management of funds and elegant offices most suitable for hosting clients and events.

Your success is our success.

As AUM is one of the key factors for all fund managers, our partners get to enjoy the privilege to utilize our existing distribution channels for their funds’ fundraising activities.

Built upon natural synergies with our wealth management business, we had supplied selected past strategies with initial seeding and investment through our own clients.

Fund setup

Simple steps to joins us as a new or existing fund.

  • Contact us

    Send us a message through the link below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    After an introductory call, we will schedule a face to face meeting: our main offices are located in Singapore and Dubai, we can also arrange a meeting in Lugano and London.

  • Meet us

    If we are compatible, we will further discuss your business plan and the partnership pricing, which depend on the stage of the fund.

    We work only with selected partners and a sound beginning is important for both of us.

  • Sign agreement

    After reaching a consensus on the terms and conditions, we will arrange to sign a tailor-made agreement.

    Immediately after, we will commence the setup of the fund according to its jurisdiction requirements and with third parties-providers whom we both agree are best for your fund.

  • Start to manage your fund

    The fund can be ready as early as in 2 months.

    Before that, we will familiarize you with the infrastructure and the operating procedures of Mindful Wealth. In the mean time, we will see to the configurations of the fund so that it is ready to trade from the very first day.

Fund platform

Hedge Fund Hotel

A right platform is crucial in any stage of your fund’s life; having support and mentorship from your partner is hard to come by and extremely valuable; the ability to keep cost low by sharing fixed-cost can be a game changer in a competitive industry.

We have been around for many years in different jurisdictions and we have proven track record of quality and expertise. We only work with top tier providers and we can help negotiate the lowest possible fees for your funds.

For emerging managers

To setup funds with limited initial AUM can be very expensive. Funds are like start-ups, efforts should be focused on organic growth and you shouldn’t struggle with high initial cost.

With our flexible structure, we are most suited to help accelerate the process for your fund to break even and turn profitable.

A right platform is crucial in any stage of your fund’s life; having support and mentorship from your partner is hard to come by and extremely valuable; the ability to keep cost low by sharing fixed-cost can be a game changer in a competitive industry.

We have been around for many years in different jurisdictions and we have proven track record of quality and expertise. We only work with top tier providers and we can help negotiate the lowest possible fees for your funds.

For existing managers

All successful managers know that high fixed costs are a drag on the funds’ performance. On top of that, most fund managers have to spare their resources and time to raising capital rather than focusing solely on managing their funds.

With our formula we can cut your costs up significanly compared to other platforms. Relocating your fund under us is easy and with no harm for your existing clients.


Benefit to join us

Asset management is a highly competitive industry. Choosing the right platform gives your fund a head start over the market, and in many cases, it is that marginal improvement to performance that distinguish your funds from the rest. The right platform should allow you to focus on what is truly important: managing your funds.


  • Singapore CMS license
  • Choice to be under an umbrella fund or a stand-along fund
  • Sharing of operational cost
  • Expertise in multiple jurisdictions
  • Long proven track record
  • Guidance and mentorship
  • Experienced support in all areas: Regulations and Compliance, Back & Middle
  • Marketing support
  • IT and Bloomberg support
  • Investment Team
  • Access to our existing distribution channels in Asia, Europe and UAE
  • Office premises suitable for meetings
  • Social hub for hosting clients and events

Jurisdictions and expertise

Expertise and jurisdiction offered

We adopt a rigorous but friendly process for selecting fund managers for our fund platform.

We provide first-class fund infrastructures: you can rely on us for compliance and operational issues and focus on what you do best: investing.

We are fully licensed in Singapore and Dubai.

We have expertise in both liquid and illiquid strategies. Structures that we provide include Hedge Funds, UCITS Funds, Unit Trusts, Feeder Funds, Limited Partnerships, Managed Funds and Variable Capital Company.

We can create umbrella funds or stand-alone funds in various jurisdiction according to your preference.

The primary investors for funds on our platform comprises of institutional investors, private banks, family offices, asset management companies, and HNWI.



Luxembourg is Europe’s most important cross-border investment funds domicile, both for mutual (UCITS) as well as for alternative investment funds (AIF). The Luxembourg investment funds model has traditionally been based on sound regulation at product level but the AIFM Directive introduced a manager regulation with certain product regulation features. By June 2017, there were more than 4,000 UCIs, comprising 14,674 compartments (often referred to as sub-funds), with net assets of approximately €4 trillion.

UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities)

A regulated fund for retail and institutional investors

SIF (Specialised Investment Fund)

A flexible, efficient multipurpose vehicle

SICAR (Investment Company in Risk Capital)

Specifically designed for private equity investment and venture capital

UCI (Undertakings for Collective Investment)

Part II, a flexible, more regulated pooled vehicle

RAIF (Reserved Alternative Investment Fund)

A fund with quick time-to-market, indirectly regulated via the alternative investment fund manager



Authorised investment funds in Ireland are established as either UCITS or non-UCITS (AIFs).
Ireland’s track record as a regulated and internationally recognised jurisdiction, with unrivalled expertise and experience in retail and alternative investments, offers a compelling set of advantages for fund managers considering where to domicile an Alternative Investment Fund or a UCITS fund.

Also increasingly fund managers are choosing Ireland to locate key asset management support activities such as fund oversight, risk management and compliance as well as shared services and product innovation centres.

Ireland has world class expertise in servicing complex funds. Irish service providers have developed market driven investment product solutions tailored to the needs of Investment Fund Managers.



Funds can be set up as limited liability companies. Companies may be established as open-ended investment companies (SICAVs) or as close-ended investment companies (INVCOs).

Fund Structures Range from utilising stand alone funds, umbrella funds and fund platforms. Also, Malta offers the use of Professional Investor Funds, Alternative Investment Funds, UCITS and Private Funds.

A Responsive Regulator: The MFSA’s high degree of accessibility and responsiveness boosts Malta’s allure as an attractive fund domicile.

Malta’s investor protection laws and regulatory framework has attracted a number of international fund managers onshore as it enables them to use Malta’s badge of quality as a key selling point. Low Set-Up Costs and Professional Fees.



The segregated accounts company (the "SAC"), was introduced in The Bahamas by the Segregated Accounts Companies Act, 2004 (the "Act").
The concept of a SAC is that a company, which remains a separate legal entity, may create segregated accounts (each a "Segregated Account") such that the assets and liabilities of each Segregated Account are separated from the assets and liabilities of each other Segregated Account. A SAC consists of (i) a general account or core cell (the "General Account") containing assets and liabilities, which are statutorily separated from the assets and liabilities of the other Segregated Accounts and (ii) one or more Segregated Accounts.

The concept of a SAC (otherwise known as a segregated portfolio company or segregated cell company) exists in various other jurisdictions including Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and The Cayman Islands.

The Bahamas SAC has become an increasingly popular vehicle for use by investment funds, particularly multi-class funds where different investment strategies are employed in investing the assets of each Segregated Account.

Establishing a SAC

Any company which is incorporated or registered under the Companies Act (the "Companies Act") or the International Business Companies Act, 2000 (the "IBC Act") of The Bahamas may apply to the Registrar of Companies (the "Registrar") to be registered as a SAC, with the prior written consent of its primary regulator.


Cayman Island

The segregated portfolio company ("SPC"), a variant of the exempted company, was first introduced in the Cayman Islands in 1998 by an amendment to the Companies Law (Revised). The concept of an SPC is that a company, which remains a single legal entity, may create segregate portfolios (each, a "Portfolio") such that the assets and liabilities of each Portfolio are legally separated from the assets and liabilities of any other Portfolio.

The segregated portfolio concept also exists in various other jurisdictions (such as Delaware, BVI and the Channel Islands) and has become increasingly well understood and recognized.
The Companies Law (Revised) initially restricted the use of SPCs to certain licensed insurers, but refinements to the Companies Law in 2002 and 2003 have extended the use of SPCs to allow any Cayman Islands exempted company to apply to the Registrar of Companies (the "Registrar") to be registered as an SPC.

Cayman Islands SPCs have become an increasingly popular vehicle for use by investment funds, particularly in the context of multi-class funds in which one or more portfolios uses, as part of its investment strategy, leverage, short sales and other tools that create potentially substantial liabilities to third parties.

Multi-class funds have historically sought to prevent liabilities spilling over from one class to another by creating trading subsidiaries through which the assets of the class (i.e. portfolio) engaging in such a strategy would be invested.

However, there are various risks associated with this approach, (for example; a court may deem the trading subsidiary a mere agent of the multi-class fund and thus prejudice the containment of liabilities at the trading subsidiary level), and the creation of trading subsidiaries results in a high cost of rolling out additional portfolios.
The relatively low cost of rolling out new portfolios and the statutory segregation between portfolios have made the SPC structure the vehicle of choice for these types of funds.

Establishing an SPC

Any Cayman Islands exempted company may apply to the Registrar to be registered as an SPC. However, where the SPC will engage in regulated business (e.g. a regulated mutual fund or an insurance company) then the approval of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") will be required for its registration, and CIMA will determine the company’s eligibility to be registered or licensed by CIMA in the usual way. The initial and annual fees payable by an SPC are set out at the end of this memorandum.



The Variable Capital Company (“VCC”) is a new corporate vehicle designed specifically for use in collective investment schemes. It allows investment managers to create sub-funds within a single entity while ensuring that the assets and liabilities of each sub-fund remain ring-fenced from the others.

The opportunity in Singapore:
VCC – Variable Capital Company

New jurisdiction’s fund structure

The VCC was presented as a new alternative form of corporate vehicle in Singapore that will be fully operative in 2020.

With this new legal framework in place, investment managers will have greater operational flexibility in the constitution of funds in Singapore, strengthening Singapore’s position as a leading fund centre in Asia.


With our experience, we can help you to relocate and re-domiciliate your fund from offshore jurisdictions like Cayman or Bahamas to a fully regulated and high standard jurisdiction like Singapore, therefore opening up new opportunities to your fund.

Close relationship with regulators

We have been working closely with the regulators since the beginning and we are among the few with pioneering experties in this structure.

Licensed company in Singapore

License is required by MAS to manage funds, Mindful Wealth hold a CMS license in Singapore since 2011, that exempts you from applying for a license yourself.